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Elegant Property Buyers, Inc. is a privately held company based in Northern California with offices strategically placed in key markets across the country. Our primary focus is on residential real estate where we buy, refurbish and either sell or retain for our rental portfolio. The managing partners come from a background in real estate operations and management each having over 30 years of industry experience.

Our experience is in development, management and operations of commercial, residential, industrial along with finance and vendors management. Elegant Property is a full-service commercial property developer serving many markets across the USA.


Provide quality homes to the communities we serve and profits for our company. The only sustainable way to do this over the long haul is to offer quality products and services, treat vendors and suppliers with respect and above all, take excellent care of our customers.

Annual Highlights


Our expanded focus in 2022 will encompass a broader part of the market as we expand more into commercial and industrial property this year.

We will be acquiring several smaller companies as we continue to add more field offices.



Pandemic year caused a general slow-down in the real estate market so we used this time to improve our internal processes.

Commercial property acquisition, development and management services are added to our service offering.



Luxury home development takes center stage with block purchases of residential property in the mid-west providing our mainstay.


Wholesale Department is launched so we can expand our deal flow and serve a larger audience in our home territory.

If you are interested in expanding your flipping business by getting the inventory you need, then call upon our expertise. Elegant Property can fill orders for inventory or share our pipeline with you.


Property Pipeline launched in January 2016, introducing a Customer Relationship Management system, fully integrated into this website. The Pipeline allows us to manage inventory, renovations, lenders and the complex communications required to keep them all on the same page.

Our lenders especially like the new Pipeline since it allows them to remain up to date with our properties where they are holding paper along with new lending opportunities - on their schedule. Following a quick login, they are sent straight to a real-time dashboard with all the details at a glance. A complete, interactive financial evaluation is included in our Pipeline Executive Summary coupled with property images and the loans we are seeking. Changes, updates, edits and communication can be performed in real time!



Elegant Property Buyers, Inc. grows locally in California and continues to expand its brand to regional offices in key markets across the US. Our processes, support model and key vendors are all scalable and will allow us to replicate our success in the immediate future and continue long-term.


Elegant Property Buyers, Inc. is created and all of the research, business automation, network of market-makers and our collective experience has been carefully transitioned into it. You can be assured this new company began with 30 years of professional experience from the owners and a 15-year head start by acquiring its former corporate parent, Residential Equity Partners.

The need to more completely separate the service department, long-term buy and hold department from the short-term buy-fix-sell became apparent as the new tax laws took effect in January 2015.

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Regional Offices

We have developed a repeatable, scalable model to expand our operations into other market areas across the USA. We call it the "Regional Office" and it is simple in concept. Most of the research, customer service and process management is handled in our central, home office. This frees up the field team to really focus on the local parts and not have to worry about the "back-of-the-house" items. This provides consistency in implementation across multiple regions and greatly improves efficiency overall. Our clients see the difference with rapid responses, streamlined processes and overall lower cost for us creating higher offer prices for them.


Residential Equity Partners, LLC. turns its resources to marketing and expanding its reach beyond California. Technology, experience and our blend of time-tested methods for managing real estate and construction projects allowed the company to emerge from the housing crisis financially stronger than before the crisis.

Our strategy and tactics are refined and implemented in flipping single family, condominiums, wholesale: buy-sell and retail: buy-fix-sell. Considerable resources are used to shore up our relationships with other market makers and form a network of builders, private lenders and other developers.


Renovation consulting and construction management services dominated our service side while we weathered the down-turn in the market and the overall economy. Residential Equity Partners, LLC. is poised to grow with strength into this new period beyond the housing crash.


As our property management consulting services grew, we found that in some cases, the property owners we were trying to help just needed out. This era marked a turning point for us where we clearly defined the management consulting as a separate operating group from the property ownership group. For us, the "buy-fix-sell" business had begun and due to the market conditions, took off, bigger and better than expected.


Elegant Property Buyers, Inc. began as a department of Residential Equity Partners, LLC. or REP, a California-based service company created to provide consulting services to landlords and property management companies. REP is still in operation and now serves as the holding company for our rental portfolio.

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Elegant Property Buyers, Inc.

We are a professional real estate development company buying, rehabbing and selling property all over the USA. Now you can benefit from our decades of experience.

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