Company Culture

How we operate

Here are a few of the core values pervasive in our company and part of everything we do.

    Company Culture
  • We provide valuable services to the communities we serve.
  • Our entire business model is based upon a long-term view, not just the transaction of the moment.
  • We carefully match our property and service offerings to the needs of our customers.
  • We are direct owner/manager/service provider so it costs less with fewer intermediaries; fewer layers of management and fewer levels of contractors.
  • Every party in every transaction must "win" or we will not participate in the transaction.
  • All of our transactions and the people behind them add to our reputation - good or bad! Therefore, every person in every transaction counts, every time!

Core Values

There is no real, long-term value in taking advantage of others. We prefer to work collaboratively and solve problems for our clients. We share what we know so our clients can make the best decision for themselves.

When appropriate, we encourage clients to seek legal or tax support from their own professional advisor.

It's not just us! Real estate is a very dynamic part of our overall economy. When we buy, renovate and sell property, lots of money changes hands, jobs are created and many people and businesses are involved. We are highly integrated into to the comminities we serve.

This is a "people" business and we intend to work with clients and their families, our vendors, suppliers, contractors, lenders, banks, title companies and a whole lot more. Each person regardless of their role in a project or transaction deserves our respect, and we deliver.

What we do

Buy Distressed Property

We buy residential real estate in almost any condition and in almost any location. Our success is derived from our highly experienced team of professionals and how we use technology to quickly assess the value of real estate in our service areas.

Financial Distress is typically related to the owners and their ability to pay on a mortgage. When the borrower falls short, the property is usually surrendered to the lender in a foreclosure.

Physical Distress could be due to severe damage from an earthquake, flood, storm, fire or other natural disaster. It could also be from deferred maintenance, vandalism, termites, fungus or poor quality construction.

Renovate and Restore

Every house is a unique project and its needs dictate the scope and caliber of the required renovation.

Cosmetic restoration involves the final finishes like paint, carpet, light fixtures and landscape.

Kitchen and Bath - It is true, "kitchens and bathrooms sell the house". They are also the most used, most damaged and most expensive to restore.

Systems from plumbing, electrical, air conditioners, doors, windows and roofing to site drainage, swimming pools, solar systems and code compliance; the house has to function properly and be legal to occupy.

Retail or Wholesale

Should we keep it and rebuild it ourselves? Should we sell it to another developer in our service area?

Retail Sales involves selling property on the retail market and is an art form to be sure. It starts with renovating "to the neighborhood", not over-building and not being cheap either. This sets us up to sell a fully restored property in a price range befitting the neighborhood, listing with a Realtor on the MLS.

Wholesale is a lesser-known market, typically between a bank and a developer or two developers where inventory is sold before any renovations are performed. Wholesale transactions account for about 60% of our overall operation and are directly supported on another, dedicated website. See below in the page footer for details.

About Us

Elegant Property Buyers, Inc.

We are a professional real estate development company buying, rehabbing and selling property all over the USA. Now you can benefit from our decades of experience.

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