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We buy property all over the country. There are many real estate developers and landlords looking for inventory and we just might have what you are looking for. Some of our acquisitions are offered to this market segment in a wholesale fasion.

You can directly benefit from our extensive marketing and research capabilities. Check out the "wholesale portal" section at the right or below, at the bottom of this page.

We have inventory

Are you looking for inventory for your flipping business? We may have recently acquired residential property in your area. Skip all the research, mailing and phone calls and get your next project going now.

Browse our inventory, buy and fix the property you want for your rental portfolio. You may also consider having us remodel for you, to your specs, then buying a rent-ready asset.

Check out our dedicated wholesale portal where you can browse, review and make a purchase request, right on that site.

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Elegant Property Buyers, Inc.

We are a professional real estate development company buying, rehabbing and selling property all over the USA. Now you can benefit from our decades of experience.

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