Sell your Home to Us

Can you really sell your house over the phone?

The short answer is no, but we have made the process so easy and streamlined, however, almost everything can be handled with a few phone calls.

If you are considering selling your house and are worried about making repairs, then we may be the solution you are looking for. We buy properties in most any condition, even if the house was built in 1835 or has completely burned to the ground or both! No matter what the condition of the dwelling, there is still intrinsic value in the land. Here at Elegant Property, we have the resources and experience to fully restore property including complete tear-down, re-grading the lot and starting with a new foundation.

Pick up the phone and give is a call. We will perform an evaluation of your property and if it meets our simple criteria, make a fair market offer to you in writing. You are still in control of the situation and under no obligation to proceed. It will only cost you a few minutes on the phone to have another option on the table for you to consider.

Your Situation

Most of the time, inheriting a property is a good thing and allows a family to move their assets from one generation to the next. Other times, this process results in transferring a burden. This could be the case when the property requires significant repairs or upgrades and money is tight.

Long-vacant property often attracts vagrants, thieves and sometimes complaints from the neighbors too. Most cities in the USA have code enforcement laws where complaints from neighbors can result in the city boarding up your house, levying fines against the property and eventually taking the house away.

Lenders, contractors and even the IRS can move against you with a lien and foreclosure. The sad and sometimes frightening truth is - if you cannot pay the debts against your property, you may not be able to keep your property.

Sometimes a fire, flood or just a fallen tree can severely damage a house. Insurance problems and other financial pressures can make it difficult to restore the property.

Did you buy a new house and keep your original home as a rental? This is a popular method used across the country to preserve equity and generate some additional income. It can also be the fast-track to major damage to your rental property, 24-hour calls for repairs and almost a second job!

The Process is easier than you think

Call our office

Real estate is more than dirt and buildings, it is really a "people business". If you need to sell your residential property, then we want to hear from you. Pick up the phone have a conversation with us.

Offer and Escrow

Once we come to an agreement over the phone, our written offer will be sent to you by email or US Mail. Take your time, read it over, discuss it with your legal counsel. Want to make some changes? Just give us a call and we will work with you to develop terms that fit us both. We will send a mobile notary to your home for the final signatures.

All of our property transactions are performed at the title company. The offers we write include escrow instructions so the entire process is simplified and smooth. The title company then completes the title search, title insurance and prepares closing documents.

All Done

The closing documents can be signed at the title company or brought to your home by a mobile notary. Once all of them are signed, the money transfers to you and the deed transfers to us. Most title companies can complete this process in a few days, but we would prefer not to push them that fast unless it is necessary. A 21-day close is more common with us.

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