Frequently Asked Questions - by Distressed Homeowners

We talk to a lot of people from all across the country. From phone calls, letters, emails and face-to-face interactions, we have collected the most common, recurring questions and topics from distressed homeowners. Check these out or ask your own question at the bottom right.

Real estate in the USA is subject to property taxes and those property taxes are collected at the county level. Every part of the property from ownership, liens and loans and of course the property taxes themselves are all available for review by the general public at the county recorders office. We collect this information in the normal course of our research and develop our list of people to contact.


Technically speaking, almost every real estate transaction is "all-cash" instead of bartering or trading a house for something else other than money. However, this term has come to mean the buyer is purchasing the property without a mortgage. It identifies the buyer-side of the transaction as not dependant on some additional approval from a lender.


This term is a bit more direct and means what it says. The typical retail home purchase is usually mired in specific repairs, inspections, improvements and of course costs the seller has to contribute before the transaction can be completed. "As-is" means the buyer is accepting the property as it sits and the seller will not need to make any repairs or disclosures about known issues.

with all faults

This means exactly the same as the definition of "as-is" above and is often used in a short offer. The lender will at some point have to approve the short offer and this is the preferred term instead of "as-is" even though they mean exactly the same thing.

Chapter 7, 11, 12, 13; business, personal, federal. . . . which one will save my home?

There is no clear answer to this question. In most cases filing for bankruptcy protection will only delay the foreclosure, but cannot ultimately prevent it. There are far too many variables to give a simple answer. If you are considering this approach, it would be best to hire an experienced backruptcy attorney.

If you are having trouble making your mortgage payments on time, every month then some form of an exit strategy would be a good idea. Some people may qualify for a loan modification while others do not. When your loan balance is higher than the current value of your home and you cannot make the payments, a short sale may be the solution.

Stopping the foreclosure auction.

The only sure fire way to stop the foreclosure is to pay what is owed by bringing your loan payments current. If this is not possible then your lender may grant a delay for a compelling reason. The outcome is all too predictable and your lender will eventually move against you in a foreclosure. Some people sell their property before that ever happens.

The worst possible outcome for borrowers in financial trouble is to simply do nothing and allow your lender to take your house in a foreclosure process and sell it on the open market in a public auction. Foreclosure will remain on your credit for 7 years, likely preventing you from returning to homeownership until then.

Why not consider selling your house to us?

  • Remain in control of your situation, leave with dignity, on your terms
  • Get your equity out
  • No need to make repairs
  • We pay fair market prices
  • We pay cash and can close quickly, in a few days if required to beat the auction
  • Call now to hear what our no-obligation offer would be for your house

Stressful times at home

. . . not for the faint of heart

For most Americans, homeownership is the realization of a dream. The hard work, saving for the down payment, searching for that perfect fit and the excitement of making your first big purchase all add up to one of the most profound decisions of our lives.

The world changes, our lives change and sometimes these inevitable changes create the perfect storm leading to financial hardship and the real possibility of losing your home.

Where do you turn to get sound advice? Your neighbors? Your relatives? The US government? Your local Realtor? If you are short on cash to pay your mortgage, can you somehow afford an attorney?

Maybe the solution is to simplify your situation and instead of trying to decide which bill to pay, avoiding answering your phone and fearing the contents of your mail box. If you really can't afford to keep your home then it might be time to consider "right-sizing" your living arrangements to fit your financial capacity.

Selling your house can be a simple business transaction where you control your own destiny and provide a more stable financial future for the ones who depend on you. If you don't fix this who will?

Create your own future

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